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The Bank of Tanzania


The Bank of Tanzania, as the Government’s focal point in microfinance, has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop a policy, legal and regulatory framework;

  • Guide the development of the sector; 

  • Coordinate Government intervention and interface with other stakeholders in the field; 

  • Monitor performance of the sector; and 

  • Disseminate relevant information to the public. 

The Bank has, therefore, established this sub-web, among its other tools, to keep the public informed of key developments and pertinent issues in the sector and to provide an important link to what is happening elsewhere in the field at regional and international levels. 

We encourage you to use the feedback box to enable us serve you better. 

Once again, we welcome you
to use the  sub-web.
                        "KARIBU SANA"


What is New ...

Poverty is multi-dimensional. So no single intervention can defeat poverty. However, access to financial services forms a fundamental basis on which many of the other essential interventions depend. The poor, like everyone else, need a variety of financial services, not just loans. When poor people have access to financial services, they earn more, build their assets and cushion themselves against external shocks. Poor households use such financing to move away from everyday survival to planning the future-that is , investing better in nutrition, health and education. The multiples roles of the financial services to the poor parallel the multiple dimensions of the poverty captured in the Millennium Development Goals.


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