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Deposit Insurance Board

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International Association of Deposit Insurers

DIB mission is to effectively contribute to the country’s financial stability by promoting public confidence in the financial system by providing protection against the loss of part or all of deposits for which a deposit taking institution is liable, dealing with member institution failures expeditiously through prompt payment of insured deposits. .


  1. To be financially, organizationally and functionally independent.

  2. To be operationally responsive to depositors, banks and non banks in Tanzania.

  3. To be professionally managed while maintaining its concern to the welfare of its officers and staff.


Deposit Insurance Board
North Tower BOT Headquarters Building,
No. 10 Mirambo Street,
P.O. Box 2939,
Dar Es Salaam,

Tel: +255 (0) 22-2235390
Fax: 255 (0) 22-2234200
E-mail: info@ hq.bot-tz.org


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