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Banking Operations

The Dar es salaam Electronic Clearing House (DECH)

1.    Introduction

For instance, when the instrument is drawn on account maintained at another branch of the same bank, it has to be sent to the paying branch for payment, and an adjustment of funds takes place through inter-branch accounts.

If the instrument is drawn on another bank’s branch, then clearance has to take place through a Clearing House. The Clearing House is a place where representatives of member banks meet at specified times, to exchange instruments and determine the net balances against each other.

2.    Location

The DECH is temporarily accommodated on the Mezzanine floor of the Bank of Tanzania North Tower building along 10 Mirambo Street awaiting take over by members through the Tanzania Bankers Association. Other Clearing centers are available at Bank of Tanzania branches namely Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar and Mbeya.

3.    Membership

Membership is open to any licensed bank to operate in Tanzania, which in the opinion of members is eligible for membership and agrees to the regulations and rules governing the operations of the Clearing House.

A licensed commercial bank that wishes to join the DECH has to submit a dully-filled in application form “Form 100” to the Chairman of Committee of Management.

Form 100 can be obtained from Banking Department or down loaded from the Banks web page: http://www.bot-tz.org/Banking/bankingOperations.asp OR http://www.bot-tz.org/PaymentSystem/PaymentSystem.asp

During the period between 1995 – July 2012 DECH expanded its membership from 5 to 33, namely:

1.       Bank of Tanzania

2.       CRDB Bank Limited

3.       Peoples’ Bank of Zanzibar Limited

4.       Standard Chartered Bank (Tanzania)Limited

5.       Stanbic Bank (Tanzania) Limited

6.       Citibank (Tanzania) Limited

7.       Bank of Africa Tanzania Limited

8.       Diamond Trust Bank (Tanzania) Limited

9.       Akiba Commercial Bank (Tanzania)Limited

10.    Exim Bank (Tanzania) Limited

11.    NBC Limited

12.    National Microfinance Bank Limited

13.    Kenya Commercial Bank (Tanzania) Limited

14.    Habib African Bank (Tanzania) Limited

15.    International Commercial Bank (Tanzania) Limited

16.    Barclays Bank (Tanzania) Limited

17.    I & M Bank Limited

18.    Commercial Bank of Africa

19.    Dar es Salaam Community Bank Limited

20.    FBME Limited

21.    NIC Bank Tanzania Limited

22.    Bank of Baroda Limited

23.    Azania Bancorp Limited

24.    Bank M. (Tanzania) Limited

25.    African Banking Corporation

26.    Access Bank (Tanzania) Limited

27.    Bank of India

28.    United Bank for Africa

29.    Mkombozi Commercial Bank

30.    Ecobank Tanzania Limited

31.    First National Bank Tanzania Limited

32.     Amana Bank.

33.    Equity Bank. Tanzania Limited.

4.    Conduct of Business in the DECH

4.1. Submission of clearing instruments and files

Procedures involved in the submission of clearing instruments and files through the DECH are governed by rules and regulations of EFT and DECH.

4.2. Clearing Times

There is one session on every business day from Monday to Friday  commencing from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. whereby settlement positions are determined.


5.    Administrative Body/Structure

5.1. Administration

The Committee of Management, Technical Committee and Displinary Committee administer the operations of DECH.

5.2. Supervision of DECH

The day to day business of DECH is conducted under the supervision of DECH Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor. Bank of Tanzania appoints the Supervisor. The Assistant Supervisor is appointed by DECH Technical Committee from one of member banks on rotational basis of two months tenure. 

6.    Objective

To make arrangements for speedy, efficient and safety way of executing settlement of payment instruments payable or deliverable at or through offices of member banks.

7.    Achievements

DECH has facilitated:

·         Efficient processing of cheques, Electronic Journals (EJs), and settlement files in BOTECH system.

·         Introduction of Net Settlement Gateway (NSG) system that consolidates Electronic Journals (EJ), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Settlement files from all clearing centers into individual member banks’ Net Settlement Positions.

    • Improvement in speed of execution of settlements whereby Net Settlement positions from regional clearing centers are received electronically through Funds Transfer Protocol (FTP) program, consolidated with Head office positions and posted electronically to banks clearing accounts in TISS and CBS for TISS participants and non TISS participants respectively.

·         Adoption of Settlement Agency on behalf of VISA member banks for settling transactions arising from use of VISA cards locally, at Automated Tellering Machines (ATMs) and Point of Sales (POS).

  1. Contacts

Physical Location:

Offices of the Banking Department are located on the Mezzanine floor of the Bank of Tanzania North Tower building along 10 Mirambo

Postal Address
10 Mirambo Street
P.O. Box 2939
Dar Es Salaam

+255 22 2235135

E-mail address
Mrs. H. Mnjovu, Manager, Banking


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